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College: Hebei Polytechnic University

Major: English

Hobbies: Movie, English, Travelling

Hidden Talents: Nothing is impossible to a willing heart, so all possible talents are possible.

Favourite Food: 黄瓜鸡蛋浇汁饼,羊肉泡,陕西凉皮

The Place You Would Most Like To Visit:
America, Australia and New Zealand

The Most Unusual Way You've Ever Studied English:
Unusual??? Well, I guess I could say making calls to 10086

Your Most Embarrassing Expereience:
The one who answered my phone on the other side of 10086, asked me if I could speak "good" English - She couldn't understand.

The Person Who's Inspired You The Most:
My tutor Cao Jiaxue and Chrisbtopher Parker, Mr Youngman

If I Could Make My Dreams Come True...
That will be wonderful. Then I will set up another "dream" and try to make that come true again.